Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
Gathering Snowflakes
Nothing ever happens to me.


And that’s why Thorin never stopped in Bree again.


Save In The Flesh.

The top words is from Amy’s lines of S1E02.


I like to think that Howl and Calcifer just sat down and had tea and a chat once in a while. You would too if your fireplace were a sentient fire demon. It’s one of the perks.

(Super late submission to ghibli jam, which I only found out about at 10PM last night (!) Process on twitter.)


Margarita Kareva is an artist photographer from Ekaterinburg (Russia). He specializes in fantasy art photography and creates beautiful pictures inspired by fantasy books and fairy tales

I will make photographs for free of any interesting ideas or people in any country for the accommodation and flight tickets :)

Check out her 500px account.


The person who designed and approved our house “emblem” and the patch that goes with it was either utterly innocent or the dirtiest mind you’ll ever find.