Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
Gathering Snowflakes
Nothing ever happens to me.

* aggressively listens to christmas carols 3 months too early *

Varokaa heikkoa jäätä (x)

Childhood trauma.

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I love staying at home. This is my idea of a party. [x] [x]


"Say it once, say it twice
Take a chance and roll the dice
Ride with the moon in the dead of night”




the little dude in the back gets it

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a moment of silence for the english teachers that have to read angsty 13 year old creative writing

a moment of silence for the university professors that have to read what amounts to the same basic thing, now with 50% more grammar and syntax and 100% more pretention

And the biggest round of applause ever to the English teachers who look past the angst and the pretension and honestly support their students, helping them to be more satisfied and confident in their written work than ever before.

And another same-sized round of applause for the students who actually have to write those things as mandatory material and pour their souls into their work, agonizing and stressing over each piece, before turning it in to be graded like a piece of meat.

  snowbouquet said:
What's your opinion on there being "fake" and "real" fans/nerds?


Until I meet any obviously fake human beings — and I think they’d have to be held together with glue, or have the eyes painted on, or really be dolls or slugs or something — I think all people, not to mention fans, nerds, geeks and suchlike are real.

Some people haven’t read/seen/done as much as others. Some people haven’t been around as long. Some people wear T-shirts without knowing everything about what the T-shirt represents. But they are still real, and (and this is the important bit) everybody starts somewhere

People at my signings sometimes tell me, apologetically, that they aren’t real fans, they’ve only read one book or a single comic, not like the people who know every obscure reference I make and win quizzes on my life and times that I would probably fail. And I tell them I’m glad they read the book. And I am.

As I tried to argue a bit back (though my words were probably less eloquent and carried some less weight), the definition of being a fan, nerd or a gamer should come from the person themselves. I couldn’t have said it better than this!